Doing Good – Reading Rainbow

Everyone talks about the importance of our youth, and the equal importance of educating them. A constant challenge in education is not just teaching the children to memorize enough to pass a test, but how to learn independently and to desire to do so outside of the classroom. As we all know, reading is a skill in which children must become proficient before we can hope to address this challenge. It is valuable not only for obtaining facts and information, but can also encourage creativity and imagination.

The Dekalb Young Republicans are proud to announce that one of our members has adopted 2 local schools for the new Reading Rainbow program. They will be among the first to have access to the new content when released, and will each receive 20 year-long classroom subscriptions, a complete DVD set of the original TV series, and a video message from Levar Burton to the students of that school.

We feel this is a wonderful example of how we can all be more involved in our local communities. We’ve seen in our county the results of waiting for someone else to make things better.

Instead of empty rhetoric and promises, let us instead demonstrate the value and benefit of practicing what we preach. Let us do tangible good unto all, whether it is derived from the tenets of charity in an individual faith or the policies of freedom, liberty, and smaller,
local government.