Press Releases

For Funding Private Child Service Providers

Statement from the Board, 2/23/2015

Atlanta, GA – Whereas it is fully within our Republican ideals both to support children in need and to encourage private charity, the DeKalb Young Republicans declare full support for Governor Deal and the Child Welfare Reform Council’s recommendations to provide additional funding for the Division of Family and Children Services to help address safety concerns of children and families.

We ask that the private child service providers also be considered as they serve approximately 6,500 children of the total 10,000 children in out-of-home care.

Private organizations providing care to Georgia’s children in DFCS and DJJ custody have only received one rate increase in ten years – many providers are being paid essentially 75 percent of costs to care for these vulnerable children.

We would like to see the legislature support this critical investment in the providers caring for these children by adding an increase of three (3) percent in the rate paid for room, board and watchful oversight (RBWO) – this would equate to approximately $6.9 million.

DeKalb Young Republicans support Georgia Craft Beer

Statement from the Chair, 11/5/2014

Atlanta, GA – I am proud to announce that the DeKalb County Young Republicans stand with the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild in asking our legislature to relax regulation on craft brewing in Georgia.

Recently the DeKalb Young Republicans held a forum on how regulation is hurting our economy, so when some of our friends in the craft beer scene brought this to our attention, the choice was obvious.  Georgia is a transit hub and an obvious location for craft beer production.  But every year breweries go to other states instead, because of our overly burdensome alcohol regulation.  So many states use subsidies and tax breaks to “encourage growth”.   Here we have a no-cost way to encourage growth.  It is time for Georgia to take this step and fix laws that drive businesses away from Georgia.  It is time to stop sacrificing Georgia jobs to so that entrenched producers can avoid fair competition.